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Great Northern
Livery Company
N1844 Greenville Drive
Greenville, WI  54942

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(Light horse size shown)
Show Cart (Light horse size shown)
Show Cart Base Price, Light Horse: $3,495.00
Show Cart Base Price, Draft Horse: $3,795.00

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  • Solid Body Design
  • Bent Heel Shafts
  • Automotive Paint Finish, Choice of Standard Colors and Pinstriped
  • Vinyl Plain Seat Bottom & Back
  • Circle Bar Braced Shafts
  • Roller Bearing Axle
  • Channel and Rubber Wheels
  • Rear Half Elliptical Spring Seat
  • Driver and Passenger Rear Entry Steps
  • Patent Vinyl Shaft Wraps
  • Fancy Body Reed Trim
  • Fitted Rubber Floor Mat
  • Fitted Cover - $420.00
  • Polished Brass Fancy Rein Rail - $100.00, Chrome - $120.00
  • Patent Vinyl Dash - $100.00
  • Vinyl Diamond Button Tuck Upholstery Seat Bottom & Back - $100.00
  • Polished Brass Cart Whip Socket - $28.00, Chrome - $34.00
  • Anderson Cart Lamps, CANDLE ONLY - $995.00 (see Carriage Lamp Directory for more designs)
  • Velcro Attached Slow Moving Vehicle Sign - $35.00
  • Custom Paint Colors (Inquire)
  • Polished Brass Dust Caps - $50.00, Chrome - $75.00
  • Reflective Velcro Wrap For Spokes - $20.00 Pair
  • Reflective Velcro Wrap For Shafts - $25.00 Pair
  • Polished Brass Dash Line Holder - $34.00, Chrome - $40.00
  • Padded Arm Rests - $80.00
  • Foot Rest - $40.00
  • Long Cross Bar Steps - $120.00
  • Extra Fancy Body Reed Trim - $175.00
  • Velvet Diamond Button Tuck Upholstery - $150.00
  • Manure bags, attach to harness to collect manure - $150 ea. light horse size, $185 ea. draft horse size
  • Fitted Carpet Floor Mat - $60.00
  • Tu-tone pinstripe - $100.00

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