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Great Northern
Livery Company
N1844 Greenville Drive
Greenville, WI  54942

Reproduction Versus Restoration of Antique Carriages

Back in 1961 my mother said, "You have twenty dollars to spend for your birthday present." At the age of 15, I knew exactly what I wanted, and we proceeded in the pick-up truck a few miles down the road to purchase it. When we opened the doors of the old, dilapidated granary and saw this terrible sight of a Studebaker Buggy, she said, "Have you lost your mind?" With some very fast talking, promising anything I had to, I convinced her, and it was mine. Immediately after getting it home, I proceeded to dismantle it, sand, and paint every piece. When it was done, everyone thought it was beautiful, including my skeptical mother. From the purchase of that first buggy, I knew I was hooked on the beauty of horse drawn vehicles.

Having driven a large majority of them, I realized they were too valuable and could not hold up to today's standards of pleasure driving. No matter how nice looking, perfect, original condition the antiques were, they were all fragile with dry and brittle wood. It was a miracle through those years that my horses and I did not get killed with those frail vehicles. In time I realized, with parts available and most handmade, that I could reproduce most horse drawn vehicles.

It's hard to explain this internal thing I have for these vehicles, but each and every one has my heart and soul in it. After the vehicles are sold, I feel I still own a part of them.

Today we have a total of 78 different body styled horse drawn vehicles. They are not only beautiful, but designed and constructed from the originals to adapt to today's uses. We want our customers to use and enjoy these beautiful reproductions. A lot of customers say they are "too pretty to use." We have extremely high standards in all our work, including harnesses, and it shows. Also, we have priced all vehicles so the average person can afford them without sacrificing quality. Total sales have continuously grown well into the six digit figures. That statement says it all regarding extreme quality and reasonably priced.

We have reached a milestone now of being the Midwest's largest dealer-manufacturer of horse drawn vehicles. We are the one stop shopping center of horse drawn vehicles, harnesses, and related needs for the driving enthusiast, continuously working on new reproduction designs including hearses, rural mail delivery, medicine wagons, etc., and never ending.

With a humble gratitude and appreciation, we as a business could have never reached this ultimate present goal without the complete satisfaction of our vast number of customers worldwide, the dedicated people in our business, and, above all, my most-of-the-time understanding, hardworking, dedicated partner, my wife Susan.




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